New Case Report October 8, 2021

A new mutilation case involving a mature Angus bull on a ranch near Belt, MT was discovered by the owner yesterday evening on 10/7/21. The dead and mutilated bull was visible from the county road. I received 6 photos of the dead animal which is seen lying on its left side in the middle of the pasture that is moderately sloped. From a distance, owners observed a coyote approach the carcass but then turn away before reaching it. Owner Todd and his wife have taken several photos of the animal and surrounding area and have inspected the scene closely. They could find no tire tracks and no signs of a struggle. No gunshot wound or other evidence of penetrating trauma was noted. No lightning activity has been noted in the area for quite some time. They believe the bull has been dead for at least 2 days. Rigor mortis was not present when they first inspected the bull which indicates the bull had been dead for at least 40 hours prior to discovery. For this reason no tissue samples or blood samples were acquired for drug and/or poison testing. The owner was not sure of the value of the bull at the time we spoke but estimated at least $7000 up to as much as $20,000. This will be an uninsured financial loss for these ranchers. The owners have not noted any UFO activity in the area.

Several stereotypical tissue/organ excisions are visible in the photos. Owner reports the wound margins all appear to be smooth, surgical appearing cuts with no evidence of tearing of the hide or flesh. The right ear has been completely excised. The testicles and scrotum have been completely excised. The anus/rectum has been completely excised. Owner reports no regular serrations in the wound edges as has been described in some mutilation cases. A separate round area of hide is seen excised in one photo. I heard no comment about whether or not the animals tongue was intact. No facial excision is seen on the right side of the bull’s face.

The evidence in this case does not support these actions being perpetrated by animal predators or by human beings. I believe this was carried out by non-human beings (“extraterrestrials”), whoever they are.

Right ear completely excised.
Anus/rectum completely excised.
Scrotum and testicles completely excised.
Fully grown Angus bull, mutilated, lying on left side in a sloped pasture. Owner found no tire tracks and no sign of a struggle. White spots are bird droppings.
Round hide excision down to fascia inferior to right shoulder. Wound margins appear smooth.
Has right eye been enucleated?

About idcutters

I am a retired physician having completed a 30 year career as an anesthesiologist working primarily at St. Peter's Hospital in Helena, MT.
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