My Phone Conversation With Luis Elizondo

About one year ago I was contacted by Luis Elizondo, previous director of the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). I was trying to arrange a meeting with him that concerned the cattle mutilations we are experiencing in Montana. Those attending the meeting would have included several St. Peter’s Hospital medical colleagues, Paul Johnson (a MT Department of Livestock inspector), Steve Smith, DVM (Director of the Montana State Veterinary Lab in Bozeman), Pete Howard (retired Teton County sheriff and Justice of the Peace from Choteau, MT who had investigated numerous cattle mutilations over several decades), and Keith Wolverton ( now deceased, Keith was a Cascade County sheriff who had also investigated numerous cattle mutilations).

That meeting never took place because, disappointingly, Luis cancelled one day before he was supposed to come up to Montana to meet with us. However, during my numerous phone conversations with him to arrange that meeting, Luis told me something quite interesting. Luis Elizondo revealed to me the Pentagon is aware of cattle mutilations, they know that cattle mutilations are connected to the UFO phenomenon, and they have some idea about what type of instrument would be used to carry out these highly invasive procedures. Although I do not have a recording of that phone conversation and therefore cannot prove this, that is what Luis Elizondo told me. I cannot ignore this important statement made by Luis Elizondo, someone who would know about this.

About idcutters

I am a retired physician having completed a 30 year career as an anesthesiologist working primarily at St. Peter's Hospital in Helena, MT.
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