New Case Report: Cascade Colony, Near Cascade MT.

I have only photos of this event but no other details. This event occurred recently on the Cascade Hutterite Colony sometime within the past several months. Photos were sent to me by MT Department of Livestock inspector Paul Johnson. Mark Wipf is the individual at the colony I have previously spoken with concerning an earlier mutilation incident. Why this scene is regarded as a genuine mutilation incident is explained in the photo captions.

Mandible is completely denuded of soft tissue yet the bone is pristine. Note how mandible has been completely disarticulated from skull yet it was left perfectly in its correct anatomical position. No scrape marks are visible such as would be expected from a predator or small rodents. The areas of the facial muscles and the eye removed are stereotypical findings in mutilation cases. Cascade Colony foreman keep close watch on animals. It is unlikely this animal was long dead before it was discovered.
More detailed image of mandible shows 100% absence of soft tissue yet bone is pristine. No teeth or scrape marks and ants are not visible in any of the 6 photos.
The animal was discovered like this – lying flat on its back. This is an unnatural position. Animal appears flattened, no bloat. It appears as though all internal organs have been removed. Ribs and sternum have been removed but no bones or bone fragments are evident on the surrounding ground. Surrounding ground area appears undisturbed and quite free of blood we would expect to see given that this animal should have a total blood volume of 10 gallons or more. Where is it?
Abdominal contents are likely absent. It appears scrotum and testicles have been excised.

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I am a retired physician having completed a 30 year career as an anesthesiologist working primarily at St. Peter's Hospital in Helena, MT.
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