My (RKO) conversation Montana rancher Orville Skogen (8/17/18): He has seen 7 of these over 30 years. Not a big fraction of his normal losses (up to 2 % is apparently acceptable) but definitely real and not due to normal predators of scavengers. He feels certain of this. Has seen predation / scavenging by grizzlies, coyotes, wolves, lions, and this is not that! Cuts are precise, like they are done with a laser while using a pattern. Took the hide completely off one – found no bullet wounds, no dart site, no bruises – just the stereotypical cuts (STCs). Several have had no residual blood volume – the meat looks anemic, almost white, no blood left at all. STCs one side of face, peri-rectal, vagina, uterus, ovaries, udder, scrotum, testicles, around the eye, eyelashes removed.  Scavengers (grizzlies, coyotes, wolves) will not touch them for weeks. “The bugs decompose them.” Never talked to Linda Moulton Howe, does not know who she is. Spay heifer found with STCs, vagina was found laid out on her hip, like purposefully displayed (because animal was spayed and had no uterus or ovaries), Keith Wolverton investigated that one with him, decided this could not be the usual predators (grizzly, wolves, lions, coyotes) because a predator would noy have left a scene like that. “Never seen one with abdomen opened or chest opened.” Always just the usual ensemble of STCs. He has seen the serrated edge incision with only 1, like done with pinking shears, the rest have all had smooth incisional edges. “Whatever is doing this can do it better than we can.” Never seen a UFO. Son thinks it’s UFOs / ETs. One occurred 300 yards from his son’s house. Son says these are “eerie”. Tells Orville to call him if he ever sees a UFO over his house – and he is serious. Several seemed like they dropped out of the sky – no tracks found in tall grass prairie, horseback accessible areas only, no tire tracks, no public access, “you can’t get to some of these animals except with a saddle horse”, cuts look like they are done with a laser, perfect, no signs of a struggle. Not interested in forming a group / network to self-insure these losses – not a big enough factor in his losses to worry about. Accepts that these events are out of his hands, nothing he can do about it, so just put it out of your mind and go on about your life. He’s not convinced this is ET, but thinks it could be. “If this was being done with drugs I would find a dart site or a bruise, but I don’t find this.” “You won’t find any evidence of drugs.”